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Renovating the house is never an easy task, it requires planning and a lot of patience, but in the end it is always worth it. Especially because, in the end, everyone who buys a property immediately thinks about leaving it to their face, whether in relation to the tone of the walls, creating or integrating rooms, modifying the roof or changing finishes, for example.

However, the more you prioritize some aspects, the easier the process will be and the faster the work will be done at home. Therefore, we decided to show that work at home may not be a beast with seven heads. Now see how to plan and complete the renovation of the house without suffering.

Planning the renovation is essential to save your work and your pocket

Many people think that it is enough to decide what they want to change, buy the material, hire employees and run the work trying to stay within a budget. However, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises along the way, the right thing, according to the architects, is to have all the items specified in model, quantity and layout.

The idea, according to experts, is to make pricing more efficient and save money when hiring. This relationship should be the first thing to do before anything else, so that you can get an idea of ​​the size of the work you are going to do.

Is this process laborious? Quite a lot, but it is also very economical – both in choosing the best prices at the time of purchase and preventing the work from stalling while some decisions are still being made. Remember that stopped work also generates costs, including those embedded in the wear and tear of materials.

Making this spreadsheet can also help to filter some items, replace specifications and negotiate values. Planning the renovation makes the work at home more economical and safer.

Professionals should be contacted in advance

When it comes to renovating the house, everything must be done in advance. For example, if you dream of that pool in summer, it should start to be planned in June, but if the idea is to make a conservatory or a gazebo with a fireplace, they should start to be elaborated in the middle of summer.

Likewise, professionals should be sought out even earlier. This is so that you can search for references, see portfolios, raise the best fees, meet the team, etc. And remember to hire only really qualified professionals. Leave the curious away from your work at home.

Material price taking should start before renovating the house

Do you know that story about taking prices on the bathroom while the work is in the living room? Forget it. You must price everything before the renovation begins to be able to close a budget.

And, according to experts, interestingly, the average labor cost is usually equivalent to the cost of finishing.

Make a schedule and try to make the services compatible

Managing the work at home is not just doing a price survey and hiring professionals, but also setting up and trying to keep a schedule. To do this, hold a meeting with all service providers and question the deadlines for each stage, including taking into account unforeseen circumstances.

Pay attention also to the logistics of the work, no matter how simple it may seem at first. It should start with demolition, then with electrical changes, lighting design, plaster lining, laying of the floor and marble, installation of the fixtures, first coat of paint, joinery, finishing of the finishes and end with the refinishing of paint and / or installation of wallpaper and stickers.

Exclude from your schedule to renovate home

As simple as the work is, avoid starting it at the end of the year. Although many people like to use the thirteenth to buy construction material, the season is for parties and the prices are not always the best.

In addition, many stores practically stop serving or receiving news and launches as early as mid-December.

Another issue is that summer and spring are the rainy season, so all finishes, putties and cement will take time to dry or may be lost if they are exposed. Works on the outside, then, don’t even think about that time